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Sport Physio Rehabilitation in Ferny Hills

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Sports injuries affect bones, muscles, tissues and cartilage and are detrimental to normal daily activities, not just athletic performance. They can happen to a professional athlete or a father playing ball with his children in the park. If your active lifestyle has been hindered by a sports injury, our physiotherapists have an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system that will get you back to doing what you love. 
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If you have been injured or you lead an active life where you are prone to injury, we recommend seeing a physiotherapist sooner rather than later. Waiting to be rehabilitated may end up worsening your injury. Sports injuries require supervision and time to heal safely. 

Our staff can help you heal quickly, improve athletic performance and even prevent injuries before they even happen through a custom plan balancing stretching, exercise and rest. 
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Every injury is unique and everyone heals differently. Ferny Hills specialists will identify the cause for your specific injury, create a program and help you prevent injury in the future. But don’t wait until you’re injured – call us today so we can help optimise your sports performance and help you play safely.
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